An SSL encrypted site ensures that the data/information entered on the site are encrypted at source and decrypted at the destination. This reduces the chances or probabilities of the data being lost/altered or deleted while on transit. Although a majority of the service providers attach a warranty to their package, this cannot be a compensation enough especially on sensitive data which cannot be quantified.

It’s advisable to always serve or enter your sensitive data in only the sites which use the encryption services. This can be verified if you see a green padlock on the search bar. You should never compromise your financial data when there are other options with secure information flow.

In fact, all the steps and precautions employed in designing SSL certificates are made for the end user. Despite the fact that you might think that you serve the internet for your own needs and urgency, there are other players who need you indirectly and will do everything possible to protect you.

security for user - What Benefits does an SSL Encrypted site to the user?

For example, take a case of Google; they derive quite a substantial amount of their income from advertising. They can only charge their clients based on their reach which is quantified by the number of people using this search engine. Another example is Facebook; they have to ensure that your data is safe so that you can remain a loyal user who can be counted on when charging for adverts.

As such we can summarize the benefits of SSL to users as follows:

  1. Better services: Every site owner wants to ensure that the site’s visitors experience no data loss while on the site. What keeps the customer ahead of the providers is competition. Without competition, there would be no options. However, website owners ensure that they employ the most recent security measures to protect their visitors and this leads to better services.
  2. The second most important element is the secure transfer of data over the internet. Let’s demonstrate this with an example. Imagine you are logging in to an account. Once you enter the username and login credentials, if the site uses HTTPS, then the data is sent in an encrypted form; if there is no green padlock, the data is sent to servers in the same way you enter it. This means if there is someone sniffing around, your packet will be
    captured and they will have your account login details.
  3. Authentification: Having an SSL certificate on a site is a sure way that you are communicating with the right servers. Remember that even if there were sniffers along your data transfer route, the browser does not alert you. as such, you can lose important and sensitive data unknowingly.
  4. Fast site load speed: This is a benefit to all the players on the internet. It’s an advantage or a benefit to the user because; he/she is able to get information within the shortest time possible. Have you ever opened a site that takes all the time to load? How was the experience? Horrible; although in some instances, you have the option of looking for the information elsewhere, there are some sites that provide the specific information you are
    looking for and thus have to put up with the inconveniences despite it not being your fault.