http vs https - What Benefits Does an SSL Encrypted Site Offer to the Site Owner?

If you are a site owner, we wish to inform you that irrespective of whether you handle financial data on your site or not, you need an SSL certificate. Although this will cost you a few bucks, it’s nothing compared to the benefits you get from the service. Some of the benefits you get are:

Improve site ranking:

There are many factors that contribute to the ranking of a site on search engines. These are what are mostly called SEO strategies. However, Google has categorically stated that the presence of an SSL on a site will directly boost its ranking on search engines irrespective of the optimization strategies put in place. We believe that this is a strategy to encourage site owners to get SSL for their sites to keep the users safe. Remember Google
depends on the internet users to operate a viable advertising campaign.

Leads to increased business:

Having an SSL on your site will greatly increase your business if you are selling any products or services on your site. Majority of internet users are very cautious about where they enter data on the internet. Or would you continue entering data on a site which is marked as insecure by a search engine? Definitely not; the easiest option would be to go back and look for another secure site. Every time a potential customer leaves the site due to security issues, this is lost business. Check my previous post about what benefits SSL encrypted site to the users.

Performance and authority:

A site’s performance is mostly determined by the loading speed. Having an SSL improves the performance of a site. The authority of a site is also influenced by the presence or absence of an SSL certificate. These authorities can be measured in terms of a domain name, web pages, or overall site authority with respect to its specific niche.

Regulatory compliance:

If there is anything that applies to the advantage of both parties is regulatory compliance. Having an SSL on the site is a requirement of the payment card industry data security standard council as long as you are processing any form of payment on the site. This helps to protect the customer’s data and restrict the number of personnel who have access to it.


Not being sure of the server you are communicating with is the greatest uncertainty that can happen on the internet. There was time person used to steal identity of others by making copycat sites. These were the easiest tricks used by people who wanted to gather some personal information from internet users. However, with an encryption service, there is at least a validation of the domain and in any case, there are some SSL options that in fact open a new tab every time a need to do a transaction arises. This reduces the risks of identity theft. Browsers alert and shut down: Chrome will not load a site which has no valid SSL certificate. All the other major browsers are following suit in a bid to secure more trust with internet users. It’s up to the search engine providers to ensure that they filter out as much spam as possible to ensure that people continue using their engines to access the internet.

Having an SSL certificate on your site is crucial and we cannot stress enough that you need to get a green padlock. As we have stated above, there are many benefits of having an SSL on your site and even the installation costs are affordable. Check some installations options from SiteMax and get a lifetime SSL certificate.