SSL Sitemax - About Us

Every internet user is concerned about the security of the site they are visiting and the confidentiality of the information they enter there. One of the surest ways to instill that trust is by having the green padlock on your site. As you might be aware there are lots of technicalities involved in the installation of an SSL certificate. At SiteMax, we save you all that hassle. We have affordable SSL installation services with some certificates having an indefinite life.

How would you like a certificate that doesn’t expire? This is exactly what you get when you buy our Cloudflare SSL package. You also have the option of purchasing a Comodo SSL; this is one of the most trusted CA in the market. We are resellers of the SSLs and thus we get them at very competitive prices.

Our main payment method is PayPal because it’s available in most countries and accommodates a variety of currencies. However, if you are not able to complete a transaction or pay with PayPal, you can get in touch with us to see how we can help you. You can dispute any payment with us in case you feel that you haven’t got the full value of your money but we are guaranteeing you for more value. Our contact us page is also active and we
would be happy to hear your opinion on our services. Serving you better is our priority. The SSL services we offer are mostly ideal for small business enterprises, sites handling an average amount of transactions, and for bloggers who are concerned about the success of their sites. Due to this exemption of large volume websites, the prices of our SSL are low with the highest going for $20. You can check more on our pricing page.

We provide the easiest ultimate solution to comply with the authority that requires sites to have SSL certificates. However, even if it were not for the sake of the authority, there are many benefits you will derive from having a valid SSL certificate. One among them is the ranking advantage that automatically pushes the site up the SERPs. All these SSL installation services are handled by industrial experts with no chances of data loss. All the privacy policies are observed and you should have no doubt on the information you supply to us. We don’t trade or sell any contact information to third parties or any other internet user. We are committed to high customer service because our goal is to have you as our customer as long as your site is on the internet.

Having an SSL encrypted site is advantageous to you as well as your site’s visitors. We know you take your site’s security seriously and we also do the same. We have valid resell programs from authorized certificate authority providers and this enables us to provide you with very competitive prices. As such, the concept of getting what you pay for does not apply here. You will get the same encryption strength just like those who buy expensive SSL certificates. Try us today and have the first-hand experience of our services. Save money by picking
competitive SSL options.